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Pentagram and Celtic Cross Altar Cupboard

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Blending powerful imagery with perfect function, this wooden altar cupboard displays a Celtic cross on its front facing, accented on each of its four points by the interwoven design of a pentagram. With this pattern linked with a design of Celtic knots, themselves without beginning or end, the cupboard becomes a potent symbol of the four elements, coexisting in balance even as they are combined and ruled by spirit. Standing approximately 11" high and 8" wide, it is carved of wood coated in a black finish. The Celtic cross design on its front has been carved from the door panel, with highlights of gold paint making the design vivid and eye catching. Along the sides of the cupboard you will also find an abstract, metal cut-out design riveted to the wood, reminiscent of the Celtic knots portrayed on the face, while a similar metal design borders the cupboards top, framing a riveted pentagram. With a metal pull ring, the front door opens to reveal three shelves, perfect for storing and charging your ritual tools when they are not in use.

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