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Pele, Goddess of Fire Handmade Doll


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Described as "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land" in ancient Hawaiian chants, the volcano goddess, Pele, was as passionate as she was volatile, and capricious. She is both creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air, governs the great lava flows, and has been known to reveal herself throughout the island of Hawaii. Pele is a goddess of fire, lightning, dance, and volcanoes.

Pele's most notorious legend is the curse she puts on anyone disturbing or stealing from her home on Mount Kilauea. Some people say that this myth was made up by a park ranger trying to keep tourists from taking souvenirs from the sacred island sites. Still, each year thousands of pieces of lava rock are mailed back to Hawaii by guilty people all over the world who claim to have had horrible misfortunes since taking rocks from Pele's home and ask for her forgiveness.

This is a 12" poppet is made with linen cloth and felt. The eyes are hematite to help to draw healing, harmony in your home and improve intuition. Each of my dolls are hand sewn to make each one unique and to lend inspiration and creative energy to its making. These make great additions to your altars and sacred spaces, as well as a special collectible for that young person in your life or to add a little more whimsy to your home.

Each is made special just for you so allow for 2 weeks for it to be completed.

Each poppet comes with, upon request, a small pouch around their neck so that herbs, special stones and prayers can be placed within (not shown).

(Doll shown is only an example)

Why not bring a little magic into your home? Let The Magical Muse inspire you, custom requests are welcome as well!

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