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Peace Water for Tranquility, Blessing, Cleansing, Banishing Negativity


Peace Water is used to help bring peace and tranquility in your life and into your home. It will help settle troubles in your home, such as relationship quarrels and fights, out of control children/teens, in-law issues, anger, worries, and so on... Excellent to help balance the energies of mercury retrograde. It can also be used in spells to bring you peace and mend your heart from a recent brake-up. Use it to wipe a table and chairs clean before a business meeting to bring a peaceful discussion and amicable positive transaction results.

Use it to bless yourself, objects, ritual tools, your home, place of business, working area and ritual space. Mix some with herbs or essential oils to make the blend and your intended spell much more powerful. Add a few drops into your floor washes and baths. Place a drop on your finger and draw protection symbols on doors and windows. Sprinkle around your house inside in every room and outside at the four corners. Add it into a spray pump for easier use. 

Peace Water is very easy to spot. The contents separate into layers when sitting still. I do not use food coloring, I use genuine indigo. Please use this product with care, indigo may stain. Shake well before use, and keep refrigerated to avoid spoilage.
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