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Papa Legba Road Opener, Master Key, Mojo, Gris Gris Bag.


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This listing is for one Papa Legba Road Opener, Master Key Mojo Bag

Do you feel like you're just stuck, and that things just aren't moving along, or going where you want them to go? 

Papa Legba is the Guardian of the Crossroads. He is the mediator between ours and the Spirit world, and we must respectfully come to him with our petition first before he will open the way. 

My exclusive formula contains herbs for removing obstacles in every aspect of your life and achieving your goals and getting to the place you want to be. Whether it's personal life issues, job, magickal workings, emotional and mental wellness, this oil is crafted for clearing the path for success in all areas and unlocking your power, intuition, and those things that you desire.

You can carry this mojo bag with you, or keep it in your purse, pocket, hang in your home or office area, or wherever you feel you need it most.

It contains all of the traditional Hoodoo ingredients for Road Opener formulas as well as Master Key formulas. Including Abre Camino wood which is known as road opener. If you find formulas for Road Opener that do not contain abre camino, they are not authentic traditional Hoodoo formula.

You may also be interested in my Road Opener Oil or Master Key Oil, to "feed" your mojo bag with, or in other words, recharge it when you feel that it needs a little more oomph and energy.
You can find more ritual and spell supplies from the maker of this item by visiting their shop here: The Barefoot Witchery.

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