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Pan and Aphrodite Statue

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A beautiful recreation of a marble statue found upon the island of Delos, in Greece, this statue portrays the Greek gods Pan and Aphrodite in an exchange that wonderfully illustrates the nature of both God and Goddess. With the winged figure of Eros (more commonly known by his Roman name, Cupid) a flight above Aphrodite`s shoulder, the statue depicts the goddess of love and desire in traditional Greek styling, nude with one hand poised to cover herself while the other holds one of her sandals aloft, using it to fend off the wanton, undesired attentions of the lecherous god Pan. Poised, elegant, and regal even as she raises her shoe to fend off the unruly pest, Aphrodite embodies the beauty, love, and desire over which she rules perfectly. At her elbow, short and unkempt, hovers Pan. Grinning through his beard and with his goats` horns escaping his tussled mane of hair, Pan is shown sitting upon a stump as he reaches out to grasp at the lovely Goddess Aphrodite with amorous attention, seeking to pull the lovely goddess into his lap. Known as a creature of the wilderness, given to his wild passions, lusts, and desires, Pan`s wild spirit is embodied here both in his feral appearance and the expression portrayed as he is fended off by Aphrodite`s sandal. The result is an image that fully embraces the spectrum of love, portraying the innocence of first love as shown by Eros, and eagerness of passion and lust as shown in Pan`s grasping hands, and the poised beauty of love, as shown in the grace of Aphrodite. The statue, as the original, is a beautiful expression of all of these qualities, and is certain to stir your heart. It stands 11 1/2" in height, and 6" wide at its widest point. Sculpted of cold cast resin, it has been hand painted so as to appear to have been cast of copper or bronze.

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