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Orris Root, Cut (Iris Germanica Florentina)


Orris Root is a term used to describe the roots of the Iris Germania, the Iris Florentina, and the Iris Pallida. While once widely used medicinally, it is now most widely used in the creation of perfume and scented oils. Depending on exactly how it is to be used, Orris Root must first go through a drying period that lasts up to five years or more, making it a sought after resource in the creation of these blends, as it is readily dissolved in water or other such liquid. Within perfume and scented oils, its most commonly used for a gentle base scent. It has also been used to flavor tinctures and syrups, wherein it is said to have a taste nearly indistinguishable from raspberry. Medicinally, Orris Root was used primarily to treat minor ailments, most notably for its anti-inflammatory effect. This was used often to treat and ease sore throats and other symptoms of the common cold. Orris root can also be a mild diuretic.

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