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Original Witch’s Brew Ritual Oil


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This is the original Witch’s Brew Ritual oil from Coventry Creations, and one of their most popular oils. Infused with myrrh and mugwort, this oil will provide you with a potent potion to use for all kinds of magickal practices.

Myrrh is an ancient greenery from the tree that bears its name. It is frequently used for clearing and cleansing sacred space, as well as regarded as an “enhancer” to other herbs and tools (like its usual herbal companion, frankincense) when craft working or casting spells. Mugwort is also a strong herb frequently associated with psychic and Otherworld endeavors.

Size: 2.5 drams

Be sure to check out the companion Witch’s Brew Spell Pillar Candle--they make a great set!

This oil is safe for skin; do not use internally.

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