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Organic Old World Romani Cold Cure


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This traditional old world remedy is beautifully simple and simply beautiful in the way that it works! It has been around for generations and there is a reason for that. It just so happens that elder is one of the best herbs there is for building up your immune system. Yarrow is a wonderful herb for colds and coughs because it has a warming quality, helping one to sweat out the toxins from the body. Finally, Peppermint provides a mild cooling affect and is calming for the stomach which is needed in times of stress due to disease.

Naturally caffeine free.
Directions: Place 3 T in a teabag or teaball, place in a quart-sized canning jar or a coffee press, and pour one quart of freshly boiled water over it. Cover and allow to infuse for 20-30 minutes.

Enjoy while resting comfortably in your bed.

According to tradition, you should drink three more times the next day and once more before bed. By the following morning, your sniffles should be well on their way out.

Contains: A 100% Certified Organic blend of elderflower, yarrow, and peppermint

Old World Romani Cold Cure comes in a plain brown bag overwrap with a resealable bag filled with 2oz of blend.
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