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New Orleans Van Van Oil, Traditional Hoodoo Formula


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This formula is a very old recipe found on an antique receipt booklet from the New Orleans Pharmacy.

This listing is for one .50 ounce glass vial of Van Van Oil.

Van Van oil is a good multi-purpose oil for use in cleansing and purification, removal of jinxes and crossed conditions, clearing away negative energies, evil eye protection, chasing away bad luck and bringing good luck, clearing away obstacles, making the way for new opportunities, reversal magick, and turning bad financial circumstances around and bringing financial stability and well being.

You can use this oil for repelling and protection from negative energies, folks who would want to cause you harm, or drain your psychic energy. This is excellent for protection from psychic vampires. The kind of people that just seem to drain you dry just by being around them or talking to them.

Perhaps there is some kind of spiritual or domestic disturbance, tension, bad vibes, illness, or fear going on in your home or your life. Feel like a dark cloud is hanging overhead? Banish it away with Four Thieves Vinegar. This formula is also one of many that are good for protecting your home from negative energies or those who wish you harm. Feel as though someone may be using magick against you? In addition to other measures, this is an excellent item to have around. You never know when you might need it.
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