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Needle-Felted Plant Spirit Poppet


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Felted dolls for your altar, poppet work, or wherever you need her.
Each doll is made to order from 100% ORGANIC WOOL from a VT woolery and ORGANIC HERBS get felted inside. I don't use forms or fillers, just wool and herbs. The felted vines and tiny roses are felted on after I am satisfied with the shape. 

These photos are of commissions I have already completed (plus the original which I made for myself) which were felted with rose petals. I am happy to work with you to craft a doll specific to your need, so if roses aren't your thing, that's fine. You can email me and we can work together to create your One of a Kind doll. Mine lives on my kitchen altar, but these dolls are small enough to tuck inside your purse or travel altar, too. 

The process of making these dolls is a spiritual one, which takes between 5-7 days depending on what's going on around me. I infuse intent, love, and spirit into each and every doll that I create and don't work on it if there is any disharmony around me.

This listing is for ONE needle-felted doll. Each one is between 7-8" in length and approximately 2" at the widest point - the hips. ;)

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