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Mystic Bead Mandala Bracelet for Independence, Concentration and Discipline


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Our Collection consist of a unique piece of art designed based on an ancient spiritual concept of MANDALA. Our Jewelry is filled with joy, instilled with meaning and stimulated with passion, which inspires us to awaken and empower our character. These MANDALA accessories enrich our lives by enhancing our emotions, thoughts and attitudes that enable us to be the unique individuals we are. The beautiful Collection for 2013 consists of Twelve Spiritual Mandala Designs which represent some qualities and characteristics you identify with, or you want to improve or change in you. We create our Mandalas considering the meaning of the colors and shapes which make them more authentic.

Every Mandala Design has a Necklace, a matching Bracelet and comes in a very well designed glass bottle in order to keep them as a unique piece.

Total Length: 9.45"
Stones: Black Lava Volcanic, Fossil, Red Bamboo Coral, Turquoise, Botswana, Jade and multicolor stones.

INTENTION ON IT: Independence, Concentration and Discipline

This special Mandala Bracelet is a new hand made product designed with love and purpose in life. First, we set an intention when designing. Second, we create a beautiful Mandala by hand and then make our piece of jewelry with sturdy materials such as Stainless Steel and Gold Plate. Third, our jewelry is hand painted with colorful enamel paints. Fourth, we add a perfect combination of real beads stones and metal beads to make them special. For a more modern and chic look, we design an asymmetrical but balanced bracelet made with silk cord and beads.

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