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Mother Fertility Moon Goddess Statue-Triple Moon Goddess Statue


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Our Mother Fertility Moon Goddess Statue is part of a triple moon goddess statue collection. Representing the second facet of the triple moon, as well as a facet of womanhood. This mother moon goddess statue beautifully portrays fertility within the very design of the statue its self. The mother has gained her knowledge from the relationships that she has nurtured and the lives that she cares for. With her, comes fulfillment and love. She is the full moon, abundant, powerful, fertile and stable. The mother teaches of the unifying bonds between people, lending her strength, support and knowledge. This inspiring statue has an earthy brown finish and features the celebration of the Goddess in her second phase as the Mother. She is the full moon, abundant and powerful. A great statuary to have during full moon ritual as a corresponding tool to help assist in your magical endeavors. Made from natural gypsum, that contains no harmful chemicals, she has a slight sparkle when light reflects on her in different angles. Color could vary based on the picture. This listing is for 1 Mother Goddess Statue. Handmade In Canada.

Size: 7.5" Tall, 3.0" wide, 1.75" depth
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