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Moon Pentacle Plaque 6 3/8 inch


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This beautiful moon pentacle plaque incorporates Pagan and Celtic symbolism, which flows endlessly, as Celtic knot work does. Made from cold cast resin with a stone finish. On the outside of this crescent moon pentacle plaque you will see an inscription from the Charge of the Goddess and it reads, "I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars." Within the plaque is a pentacle as well as a triskellion, both representing the elements, the spirit as well as the natural cycle of life. Hang it as a plaque or use as an altar tile. Bring a touch of the divine into your home, altar or sacred space with this stunning plaque. 

Size: 6 3/8"h x 6 3/8"w x 3/4"d

(Cold Cast Resin w/Stone finish)
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