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Money Draw Blessed Herbal Pillar Candle


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If drawing money and success is your goal, this pillar candle might help you get there. This candle is part of Coventry Creations’ “Blessed Herbal” line, hand poured with high-quality natural waxes and infused with grapefruit, honeysuckle, and patchouli oil blends, which all will help to promote financial and spiritual prosperity in your magickal practice.

Grapefruit, while providing a clean, pleasant scent, also can correspond to creating a clean, protective atmosphere and help clear away any obstacles to your need. Honeysuckle has long been viewed as both a good luck plant and seen as a powerful herb in money matters. Patchouli oil helps promote growth and fertility, facilitating or paving the way to successful “harvest” and a successful business environment. All three of these essences are blended together to promote financial well-being and personal prosperity. As will all spell tools, the results are decided by the user’s intent and will.

Coventry Creations has been hand pouring candles for over 15 years and use only the finest waxes and ingredients to create their candle line. All candles are hand poured "when the moon is right." Each blessed herbal pillar candle comes with a spell to inspire your magical efforts. 

Size: 7.0" x 1.5"
Burning Time: 40 Hours
Weight: 7.0 oz

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