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Mjolnir Spell Box


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This gorgeous box is the perfect place to store sacred items and a perfect gift for those of the Asatru faith. On the top is an ornately-burned Thor's Hammer "Mjolnir". The symbol many of the faith use as a symbol of their dedication. "Mjolnir" means lightning and was a stylized representation of the Norse God Thor's Hammer. It was believed that Mjolnir would return whenever thrown and was a symbol of protection and acknowledgement of Norse ancestors.

On either side of the Mjolnir, is the  'Web of Wyrd'. The 'Web of Wyrd' joins together the past, present, and future and is interpreted as a 'Tree of Life' symbol. 

Along the bottom on the front of the box is the inscription "May Thor's Hammer protect me" in the runes of the Elder Futhark.

This box measures 8.5"x 5.25"x 3.5". Stained a beautiful golden oak, and sealed for protection against moisture. Ready to Ship!

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