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Mi's Search for Beauty


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Mi is the unexpected sixth daughter to Sooshay and Keylei, purposefully caused to be created by Majo, an entity which guards the gateway between the living and the dead, to replace her after seven long centuries of service. Majo tricks Mi into attacking and killing her, ensuring the young woman will be required to stand in her place. But even as the old woman is dying, Mi’s sisters appear. These are the same five sisters who were named for the five virtues all good people hold dear, the same five sisters who were promised spirits to guide them from the Realms Beyond. As each of her sisters bestow their gifts on her, they magically transform her into a freak. She learns each of these terrible gifts can only be undone if she learns to love herself first and best.

Oh yes, there is certainly a lesson or two woven into this modern myth set in an ancient Asian culture, but you’ll have to read the story to find out why Mi’s sister would turn her into a freak – one with both a mermaid’s tail and beautiful wings. You may even be interested in watching this story’s short trailer here:

“Mi’s Search for Beauty” is the first in “The Gatekeeper’s Choice” series – an adventure which imparts important messages of self-worth while the story unfolds its mystery and mystique, winding through the generations to reveal the choices made. And the price for those choices.

The second installment of this series,“Beauty’s Children,” will be released in Autumn 2013, with “The Price of Beauty” scheduled for release in Spring 2014.

Also available exclusively in Kindle format on Amazon.com
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