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Men's Shaving Soap & Body Butter Gift Set - You Pick The Fragrance - One Each Body Butter & Soap


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Just for Men gift set including ONE 6 oz jar of Body Butter/Tattoo Re-newer Body Butter & ONE 5 oz jar of premium moisturizing shaving cream soap in your choice of fragrances. See Description of all the scents below...

The Body Butter: Choose from Deep Moisture Formula or Intensive Moisture Formula.
But, wait it's not just body butter, it's WHIPPED body butter, and still not just any ole whipped body butter but, this stuff is THE Body Butter of the new millennium. Yeah, we can say that because we at Enchanticals Perfumes are knowledgeable skin care experts.

Naturally yours!

Let me expound...This Body Butter has been created with pure, raw & natural mango butter, raw & natural cocoa butter, raw & natural shea butter, natural aloe vera, all natural vegetable derived glycerin, and a few other ingredients for glide, absorbency, and texture. No parabins!. We make it in small batches to insure it's freshness.
It is super rich in phytonutrients which helps to aid in soothing, moisturizing, and healing dry and aging skin.


Shea butter is derived from shea nuts helps protect skin from the sun damage, cocoa butter has a high concentration of antioxidants and mango butter (derived from mango seeds) boast an impressive amount of beta carotene. All of these butter extracts helps keep the skin smooth & retains moisture in your skin!

*This product is not recommended for use on the face but, is intended to keep the skin on your body soft and smooth. For external use only.*

The difference between the "Deep" Moister formula and the "Intensive" Moisture is that the intensive moisture has twice as many raw butters in the formula. It's thicker and richer than the Deep Moisture. The Deep Moisture formula absorbs into the skin a bit faster, and has more glide to it than the Intensive formula.


Whipped Shaving Soap:

If you've never used our Whipped Cream Soap before, you really owe it to yourself to try it. Total luxury, with the function of a smooth, and mild body soap, this product is most perfectly suited for shaving ANY part of the body as well as the gentlest of men's faces.

We enriched it with skin loving oils like Sweet Almond Oil & Soy Bean Oils, as well as the soothing Aloe Vera & vegatable derived Glycerin for a moisturizing cleansing experience.


Fragrance choices:


Ahhhhh yes, a favorite of Vampires and lovers of Vampires alike. “Pour me over some sugar my dear, and I’ll take you to places surely unseen before. Let us chase the Green Fairy and see what she does”

Scents of Anise, Green Tea, and Angelica Root make this perfume oil smell uncannily like the actual drink. For external use only!

This is not the alcoholic drink!



Whew, that's a mouth full! Okay, let's break it down: Boho= Patchouli, Mojo= Drinking Lime Mojitos on the beach while smelling Beachbabyloco tropical fruits like Coconut, and Pineapple!

Yummy, fun, bold & bright!



Corrosion is is clean, fresh fragrance with woodsy base notes, followed by herbal Basil, some green Bamboo, Yarrow, and tons of clean citrus high notes. Fresh!



“Dungeon” The smell of burning leather, with the icy scent of a cold stare and stele bars, mixed with freshly dug dirt will have you wondering how you ended up in here.

Dominatrix & slave friendly. Not for the faint hearted.

Fragrance family: Modern - Season: Any - Time of day: Day/Evening

(For external use only)


"Haight Street"

I felt privileged having grown up in the most amazing city of San Francisco. So many fun areas to visit that it was not ever possible to get bored. Although I sadly missed the Hippie movement of the 60's, my parents did not and fortunately still today you can find a little bit of that era down in the Haight. (Natives to the city just called the Haight Ashbury district "The Haight") We loved to travel out to the Haight, which lies just on one side of Golden Gate Park, and shop & people watch. Everything has it's very own scent including The Haight, and it's one of my personal favorite scent memories.

So what does The Haight smell like? Just like this perfume with Patchouli, Amber, Cannabis and a bit of Eucalyptus. The Cannabis scent in this perfume is really more like a Hemp Flower as opposed to skunk :) Earthy, funky and ever so herbal! Feelin' groovy baby!

Fragrance family: Wood/Herbal - Season: Any - Time of day: Day/Evening


"The Hookah Smokin' Caterpillar"

"And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall, tell 'em a hookah smokin' Caterpillar has given you the call". Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"

Love this character in the book! I think he's my fave next to Mad. *giggle* No one ever really tells you what's in his hookah....we all must "guess" but, being that he sits on a psilocybin mushroom, and lives in a land that one can only describe as "a trip' here's what I came up with ;)

A head blowing blending of black opium, green sticky buds, sweet pipe tobacco, teak wood, frankincense, and sandalwood and maybe some other familiars make this fragrance a decidedly masculine mind freak.

Fragrance family: Wood/Masculine - Season: Any - Time of day: Day/Evening



Fresh and spicy with a bit of aqua, very manly and worldly is this body spray, with fragrances found all the way across the planet!

Ginsing, Lemongrass, Aqua, Sage, masculine musk's and some Japanese pear

*Masculine Scent*

(For external use only)

Fragrance Family: Spice - Time of day: Any - Season: Any


"Ocean Potion"

The aromas of a very clean Ocean, with fresh top notes of Lime and faint hint of Cilantro will leave you smelling like you just had a day of Sailing on the Bay!

Additively fabulous, light, fresh, citrusy, clean and watery scent.

(For external use only)

Fragrance Family: Modern/Aquatic - Time of day: Any - Season: Any



The romantic counter part and husband of Sinta aka Sita, Rama deserves his very own sexy fragrance as well.

A woodsy, spiced blending of sweet tobacco, cocoa absolute, sandalwood, spiced rum, Italian bergamot, coriander, sweet marjoram essential oil, and a handful of lovey secrets went in to creating this spicy and enigmatic fragrance for gents.

I've place this fragrance here because some women love this fragrance and can be worn by both sexes.

Fragrance family: Oriental/Wood/Masculine - Season: Any - Time of day: Day/Evening



Ok, I know but, despite it's name this body spray smells awesome! A favorite of the Gents, with a blend of Musk's, Tobacco, and Coriander.

Masculine and a bit mysterious .

*Masculine Scent*

(For external use only)

Fragrance Family: Wood/Spice - Time of day: Any - Season: Any


"Steampunk Junk "

This fragrance came about by a happy accident. Sometimes when I'm doing my mixology work, things spill on me and in this case 2 different men's fragrances did so. Anyway, it smelled so fantastic together that I decided to blend them and make a whole new fragrance. Hence the work "junk". A little of this and a little of that ;)

This fragrance is both fresh and sexy at the same time with citrus and herbal notes, patchouli, and lots of natures finest outdoor odoriferous'. Timeless, and quite masculine!

Fragrance Family: Fresh/Wood - Time of day: Any - Season: Any

The Old Crow Oil

"The Old Crow"

This fragrance was inspired by the old, sometimes cantankerous, late Aleister Crowley (pronounced "Crow" like the bird) whom most of have an opinion of one way or another. :) Blended together were 3 different magickal resins, blue musk's, a shot of Whiskey and a bit of black pepper essential oil to top off this fragrance.

*Dark and brooding but never unnoticed!*

(For external use only)

Fragrance Family: Modern - Time of day: Any - Season: Any

This is presented you you in an oil formula and arrives in dark amber glass bottle .33 fl oz size


"The Temptation"

The seduction of the serpent offering sweet pleasures from the tree in a garden of natural bushels of nose gays, warm splashes of sun rays on the earth finding passage through the leaves of the trees, warm beds of soft earth covered by feather soft flora and fauna.

Sweet smooth Honeysuckle, ancient Amber essential oil, light Patchouli essential oil, and the ever sexy scent of lush Vanilla.

(For external use only)

Fragrance Family: Floral/Wood - Time of day: Any - Season: Any



Happy, free lovin' Hippie times, out in the wild and feelin' fine! Ok, Love Children this one is for you! There must have been a Purple Haze visible at this most epic concert of all time. I can see the sights, and smell the scents all the way up to today. Yeah, I know I wasn't there, just let me have my special moment ;) Ahhhhhh One customer described this fragrance as "sex in a bottle" and I agree with it's smooth herbal notes and pheremonal scent memories.

Patchouli, Sandalwood, a bit of da Ganja, and some fertile soils might be the thing that gives you a good flashback, so from me to you, here you are! Peace Love, and Hippie-ness!

(For external use only)

Fragrance Family: Wood/Herbal - Time of day: Any - Season: Any


Also available in "Rosemary & Mint" or "Moroccan Mint"

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