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Medium 1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book w/latch - 4" x 5"


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Based on the design of the wildly popular 1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book, this leather-bound journal simply expands size of everything you know and love about the smaller version. The hand-tooled leather cover has been worked to a polished surface, free of decoration but for the hand-stitched borders woven at the books edges and the brass latches that allow the book to be fastened close with ease. The result is romantic imagery that cannot be denied, lending the impression that the book is the ideal place for your deepest secrets. Whether you`re writing poetry or penning a Book of Shadows, holding the book and putting pen to page just feels "right." This is also due to the high quality paper sandwiched between its sturdy leather covers; approximately 240 pages of high quality, acid free paper that has been created entirely using recycled biomass. Pulp free, the process saves trees and helps to protect the environment while providing you with material perfect for both writing and drawing. The entire book measures approximately 4" x 5", allowing it to fit most book stands and other such holders or sit side by side with your larger books upon the shelf.
Size: 4" x 5"
Total Pages: 240
Closure Type: Latch
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