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Mandala Pendant and Necklace. Meaning: Energy, Vitality, Regeneration, & Self power


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Our Collection consist of a unique piece of art designed based on an ancient spiritual concept of Mandala.Our Art Work is designed to inspire the intentions and energy to enrich awareness for life and it’s purpose. Inspiration, intention and love expressed through shape, color and unique jewelry design.

MATERIALS: The Mandalas are gold and silver plated stainless steel and adorned with semi-precious stones. Each piece has a grooved sculpted backside and features stainless and silk.

THE DESIGN is a creative piece hand painted using enamel paint.

BEAUTIFUL PACKING: To preserve the intention of the Mandala, all pieces are encapsulated in a glass bottle, making this the most unique and thoughtful jewelry . A unique gift box tube protects the product even more!!

The design in this collection awakens your inner wisdom and support the purpose of your life by discovering your strengths, passions and talents.

The Intention on This Medallion:

Regeneration, Energy, and Self-Power


Vitality, Regeneration, & Self power

Chain: 16 " Rhodium Necklace
Pendant: Round 1.18" Diameter
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