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Lover Come Back To Me Witch Bottle, To Return A Lost Love


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This Listing is for one Lover Come Back To Me Witches Bottle, loaded with herbs reputed to serve this specific type of magickal purpose.

I have had several customers who were desperate to have their lover back but were a little too afraid to try the drastic Spirit of Intranquility Spell. Which I do offer here:

So, I am offering another type of powerful magickal alternative. This bottle comes with a cork but is not sealed, in case you would like to add any other magickal items or personal effects of your lost lover (such as hair, nail clippings, a tiny piece of fabric perhaps from an article of clothing they've left behind) or tiny photos of your lover or even both of you. Traditionally, witch bottles are said to be made more powerful by your own bodily fluids such as urine or menstrual blood, but you may wish to use wine or honey (to sweeten your love back to you).

This bottle comes with a wire hanger, so if you wish, you can hang it outside your door, on your door, porch, or in a window. Or your bedroom, if you wish. Anywhere you wish to use it as a beacon to call out to your lost love to please oh please come back.

*This kit is made to order, so please allow up to 3-5 days to create and ship.

For Legal Purposes:
These products (and their recipe/formula) in this listing and all of the content herein © Sherry Scott, including written material and photos and are the physical and intellectual property of Sherry Scott. Magick and Conjure are unique to each individual and as such no promises or guarantees of success are given or implied. All items are sold as novelties/curios only with no guarantee of outcome. I sell only the tools of magick, not the outcome. I do not claim to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. Nor do I offer my goods as a substitute for appropriate legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice or counsel. I recommend you always seek proper professional help in all cases as such, including domestic abuse. My products are not to be taken internally, nor do I condone physically harming any person or animal. In no way to I condone or imply the suggestion of participating in illegal activities. Matters of the heart and love are different to every couple, and involve a lot of factors and are very personal and emotional matters, that may not be meant to be manipulated or meddled with and may not always turn out the way one or both of the parties wish they would.
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