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Lord's Sword


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Styled after many of the ornate swords found with Medieval Europe, this fantastic athame is a wonderful piece both for collectors as well as for those that seek an ornate, light weight tool for their rituals. At the base of a tapering stainless steel blade is a sweeping cross guard, decorated with images of the joust and the hunt and shaped at the ends to form the heads of eagles. Beneath this is an approximately 3 3/4" hilt, alternating with smooth bands of black and metallic bands, textured with ornate designs. This ends in the flat, round pommel that contains a Celtic cross with a red gem in its center. This decorative blade slides easily into the accompanying sheath, which is crafted in intricate patterns of scroll work, sweeping birds of prey, and coiled serpents. The whole thing measures approximately 17 1/2" long with an approximately 11 1/2" long, double-edged blade. Not for sale in Massachusetts.

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