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Lord-Lady-Spirit Invoking Medieval Pillar Candle Holder


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This unique Lord, Lady & Spirit pillar candle holder will add a beautiful focal point to your altar or sacred space. When casting circle, we invite the divine to be present and partake in the rite being assembled as well as to add another layer of protection and to empower the ritual as well. What better way to honor the God, the Goddess and duality they encompass then with this medieval styled pillar candle holder? Whichever candle colors you wish to use, weather it be Silver and Gold, the traditional red and white or green and white, with this enchanting holder you now have a stable place to put your divinely represented candles as well as a third spot to represent the 5th element (the spirit).

Coming in a deep black finish accentuates every shapely detail and creates stunning contrast to a triple candle flame. Weight 1.5 lbs. Candles not included.

11 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 15 3/4" high.

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