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Large Tree of Life Leather Blank Book


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A beautiful journal that conveys a sense of age and mysticism, the large Tree of Life leather blank book is a beautiful journal whose cover features the hand tooled design of the tree of life framed by Celtic design. With far reaching branches and wide spread roots, the Tree of Life is a symbol of the union of Heaven and Earth, and the beautiful ways in which these realms can be bridged. Such imagery provides the perfect inspiration for penning your Book of Shadows, Dream Diary, or any manner of such personal journal.

The approximately (240 each, approximately 500 total) within are perfect for such purpose. Made of recycled biomass, they present acid free paper whose cotton, fiber, and fabric composition leaves sturdy pages wonderful for ink, pencil, and even light washes of paint. The entire leather blank book measures 7" by 10" and is held closed with a leather strap. 

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