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Large Pentagram Leather Blank Book - 7" x 10"


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Made of hand tooled leather, the Pentagram leather blank book is a beautiful book for the creation of your new Book of Shadows, dream diary, or any other such magical journal or grimoire that you are putting to pen. With an embossed border that lends the impression of verdant foliage, both its front and back covers have been worked to depict an intricate, interwoven pentagram, entangled within a blossom of knot work. The result is a beautiful image that lends an impression of occult mysticism alongside the natural mysteries of life. Sandwiched between the book`s leather covers are approximately 240 pages of high quality, acid-free paper, made of recycled biomass. They are perfectly suited for accepting charcoal, pen, pencil, or even paint. The book measures approximately 7" x 10".

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