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Large Pentagram Athame


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This elegant ritual athame features a large pentagram affixed to help you channel and direct energy during your ritual practice and spells. Having long been an occult symbol, the pentagram is generally accepted to represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, all influenced or ruled by spirit, or the divine, making it a wonderful focus for guiding energy of any nature within your spells. The athame measures 9 1/2" in total length, and features a 5" long, double-edged blade. Where it meets the 4 1/2" long grip, a pentagram has been sturdily affixed, allowing it to rest just above your grip upon the athame. With a faux wood finish, the Athame features a full tang - the metal of the blade runs all the way back to the base of the handle, sandwiched between the grip to create a more sturdy knife - to create a durable and beautiful piece well suited for your magic. It also comes with a leather sheath that for safe storage, that can be clipped to your belt

This athame is not for sale in Massachusetts.

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