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Large Moon Goddess Wooden book holder 15"


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Crafted out of a single piece of wood so as to create a seamless, folding book holder, as beautiful as it is useful, this piece would make a wonderful addition to any altar, or indeed any kitchen counter! When unfolded, it supports nearly any book, rising to a height of approximately 6" and a width of about 12 1/2" to help keep you from having to stoop over and otherwise keep your precious books up above your workspace. This not only helps to keep your books clean, but it also helps to preserve the life of their bindings. This is because the book does not lay flat within the cradle of the book holder. It is kept at a sort of v-shaped angle, allowing the book to open naturally without strain to the binding. Outside of these practical purposes, the book holder is a beautiful piece, with its upper portion decorated on both sides by the symbol for the goddess. This symbol depicts her in the ancient style of fertility icons, portraying her as a womanly figure, with her arms raised up above her head to form the full moon. This, combined with the waxing and waning moons by her side, creates a lovely display of the triple goddess, and is accented by the pentagram marking the fertile gifts of her divinity. The book holder folds flat to a length of 15" long and a height of approximately 1" for ease of storage.

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