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La Madama Herbal Incense Blend


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This listing is for one resealable bag of my loose herbal La Madama incense blend. (approximately 3 heaping Tbsp.)
I use quality ingredients that are loaded with goodness and power, just like La Madama. I have used a carefully selected blend of powerful herbs, here are just a few and their properties:

Angelica: Highly protective. Good for keeping evil away, for blessing ad banishing, and hex removal. Also known as Master Root, it gets things done and makes it happen.

Mustard Seed: for protection and keeping trouble away. Courage, faith, endurance. Guards against injury. For luck and success.

Rosemary: Binds things (or people) together in a loving, gentle manner. Also used for purification and protection. Carried or used in poppets for good health.

Violet: for truth. Guards against deception and creates an atmosphere for truth and honesty. Draws prophetic dreams and vision, promotes peace and tranquility. Provides protection from all evil.

Plus I have also added a good measure of other herbs for healing, protection, divination, and hex removal. This is also a good formula to enhance business and get paid timely.

Not only can you burn this incense on charcoal discs when you work with La Madama, you can also use it for an offering to her in a small bowl on your altar to her, use it to stuff poppets, use in a muslin bag for a bath tea, or in a mojo bag.

La Madama is a popular spirit in Espiritismo (Spiritism), and she is one of my personal favorites. She gets things done, and is full of kindness and blessings. La Madama represents the Female Force and wisdom within a family unit. The matriarch who runs the household. She provides love, luck, and protection for the home. She also brings business and timely payment for services.

Historically, las Madamas (also referred to sometimes as Las Negras, or Mammys (Mamei, Mama Mei, or Mai)), are the eldest and wisest of the Masters slaves, the house slave servant who is responsible for the caring and well being of a master's family,and they were loved and respected by the family. The Madamas were healers and midwives and had a vast knowledge of herbalism and home remedies, as well as fortune telling.

Also, during the days of slavery, cloth dolls were made for slave children who could not afford china dolls like white children. Not only was this doll very precious because cloth was hard to come by for slaves, especially to spare enough to make a doll with, but also because La Madama's spirit was contained within these dolls. It is sad but true that during those times, children were separated from their mothers because of slavery, and the child cherished their madama doll that represented their mother. They would hide it away so it would not be stolen or destroyed. In times of need, the child could be comforted by the doll, knowing it was connected to their real mother's spirit.

La Madama is often depicted wearing orange or red and white. She usually holds a broom of lavender stalks or straw for cleansing and peace and sweeping away negative energy. In her apron she carries chalk for drawing out her secret symbols and a deck of playing cards for performing readings. She may also hold a copper knife in her hand for pinning down her work, for protection, and for cutting herbs. She may also carry a basket for collecting healing herbs or for receiving payment for services. She also wears a wooden cross around her neck. Tradition says that the African saves could not afford the expensive imported European beaded rosaries, so they made their own out of wood and rope.

Traditionally, La Madama is believed to be the elevated spirits of old house slaves, the spirits of ld Conjure Women who now aid the living with their issues and problems. They give advice on all areas of life and are fiercely protective of those they like. La Madama speaks bluntly and will tell you what you need to hear, even if it's not what you want to hear.

To work with La Madama, set up a shrine with a white, orange, or red cloth and place a doll or statue of her on top. Before the statue place a glass of cold water, a vigil candle, and one or more of her favorite offerings. Offerings to La Madama include: a deck of cards, strong spirits, tobacco, brown sugar, molasses, cooked rice, home cooked meals, black coffee, healing herbs, and flowers. If you ask her for a favor, it would be nice to bring her 9 colored silks as payment for her work.
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