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Key of Solomon the King by S.L. Mathers (pub. Weiser)


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The Key of Solomon is the most famous, or infamous, of magical textbooks. Although the grimoire is of unknown origin, Mathers, who prepared this edition from seven manuscripts in the British Museum, believed it was written by King Solomon. The King instructs his disciples in incantations that summon and master the spirits. The process of summoning these beings illustrates the extraordinary complexity of Western ritual magic - choosing a time and place; preliminary prayers; fasting and preparations; as well as the need for magical equipment, robes, and trappings. Included in this edition is a new foreword by R.A. Gilbert, esoteric scholar and antiquarian bookseller. Gilbert highlights the importance of the Key as a primary source for those interested in Western ritual magic, as well as the historical background and contemporary magical contexts of Mather`s editorial work and commentary. Paperback, 127 pages

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