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Jasmine Flowers, Whole (Jasminum Officianale)


Jasmine, whose name is derived from the Persian word "yasmin," meaning Gift from God, is quite commonly cultivated in gardens and as a houseplant. Revered for its fragrance, it is also quite well known for the fact that its flowers open their petals at night. In China, it is used for tea, often with a green or oolong tea base. It can take hours to absorb the fragrance and flavor into the water, and the process is repeated as many as seven times for the highest quality of teas. In the Philippines, it is used to create a garland that is used to adorn and decorate religious images while in other parts of Asia, Jasmine has also seen use in wedding ceremonies. Perhaps under a similar ideal as these religious practices, Jasmine has also seen long use in spells and rituals, particularly when seeking to attract love and prosperity; sometimes used in divination, particularly in the use of dream magic. In other mystical use, Jasmine flowers are also said to be great for use in charging quartz crystals with soothing energy. In Chinese alternative medicine, Jasmine flowers are sometimes used to "cool down" blood. Studies have also shown Jasmine to possess strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it a popular supplement used in the treatment of colds and other such ailments as well.

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