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Intranquil Spirit Spell, To Return A Lost Lover


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This spell consists of a 7 day vigil candle, dressed and charged, and a .50 ounce glass vial of Intranquility Oil. (This is made from the bona-fide secret recipe, which is closely guarded among practitioners)

A scroll containing the prayer to the Intranquil Spirit is also included with your order.

There are many spells and methods of returning a lost love to you, but this spell is the most drastic of measures that I am aware of to return a lost love.

This spell is not one to be taken lightly. Please be aware, there are certain precautions you want to take before performing this spell. This is dark magick, not white magick/Wicca. This is to be done only if you are desperate enough to call upon an earthbound spirit to haunt your lost love until he/she returns to you. They may not be able to eat, sleep, concentrate on anything, or think of anything but you until they return to you. Keep in mind, that you cannot make someone love you who didn't/doesn't. And there is a chance that when they do return to you, they may not be the same, and may not be happy. That is the chance you take when you try to change someone's free will. However, this is a chance that some people may be willing to take. Heartbreak is a powerful emotion and can make a person want to take desperate measures. We've all been there at one time or another, and if this is how you feel, I am willing to sell you the supplies and information that you need to complete your task. Many practitioners are not willing to do this, but I do not make other people's decisions for them. I want to provide you with whatever you may desire, be it dark or light.

There are some precautions you will want to take, as I was saying. You should first think very strongly about not doing this spell in your home. But if you choose to, I strongly recommend doing a protection ritual for your home, yourself, and any other people or animals who live in the home with you. This could mean casting a circle, burning protective herbal blend incense, or any charms/gemstones you would normally wear or carry or any ritual that you would normally do for protection.

After each time you do the spell, I highly recommend a cleansing ritual for you and your home. Smudge your home with white sage, as well as yourself. I offer a Purification Bath in the Barefoot Witchery Shoppe for removing negative energy. I swear by it and have used it myself.

Also, I recommend that you do this spell for 7 days then wait for results. Don't over-think it. Just wait. As with any remnants of spell work, especially nasty ones, I recommend disposing of it by burying it at a crossroads or in a graveyard. Be discreet. But above all, do not keep the remnants of this spell in your home after you're done and finished with it. Don't reuse the candle for anything else.

Without taking precautions I've mentioned (or any others you can think of), you will suffer just as much as your intended target or the Intranquil Spirit may turn on you. You may consider leaving a offering to the Intranquil Spirit next to the candle, such as a glass of cold water, or something to eat or something else to drink. I've also read that some like to do a honey jar to sweeten the Intranquil Spirit to them to keep it from turning on them. I've also read that you can burn a camphor cube, to keep the spirit from hanging around and haunting you, to get them to leave and haunt your intended target instead. Also, burning a candle dressed with exorcism oil (you could use larkspur oil) I offer Exorcism Spray, as well as Exorcism Incense in The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

*Note: you can summon the Intranquil Spirit for other reasons, as well, besides returning a lost love. Just change the wording in the prayer to suit your situation and need.

*This kit could possible take up to 7-10 days to create since they are made to order.

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