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I`m From Here poster


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The I`m From Here poster speaks of how each and every one of us belongs with the beautiful poetry of Travis Bowman, as accented by the illustrations of Eliot Alexander. Hang it in your home to remind yourself that you belong here on this earth, wherever you are. Measuring 8 1/2\" by 11\" and printed on parchment paper, this poem reads: I came fresh into this world To the beat of drums in the forest I cut my teeth, Painless, On the sounds of laughter unchecked, And I spoke my first words In a rush, Feeling them well up inside Until I had no choice But to sing, sing, sing, With firelight Dancing in my eyes. I`m from here. I was birthed in a Puddle of moonlight Dripping through the pines And when this Earth reclaims me, Here I shall remain.

Size: 8 1/2” x 11"

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