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Often viewed as the patron god of Egypt, Horus is widely recognized as one of the eldest and most revered of the Egyptian gods. Indeed, in the days of Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was believed to be Horus in life much as he was believed to be Osiris in death, with each new Pharaoh merely being a new incarnation of Horus; a concept that had overtaken the earlier belief that the Pharaoh was the son of Ra. As the conqueror of Seth, the god of war and hunting, and the protector of Egypt, his symbol, the Eye of Horus, became a symbol of protection and power, helping to ward off evil. Taking the form of the traditional image of Horus, this statue celebrates the patron deity as he was known to the Ancient Egyptians. With the head of a falcon crowned in rulership of all of Egypt, he is posed as one might see him portrayed in ancient hieroglyphs: one foot slightly forward with his forward hand holding the carrying the traditional staff and his relaxed arm carrying the ankh. The whole piece stands approximately 3 1/2” tall and has been painted in rich tones of gold and black.

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