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Horned God Altar Statuary


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Our Sacred Horned God altar statue is magically crafted to bring the masculine divine into your magickal rites, your home, altar or sacred space. Made of high quality resin, this statue is extremely detailed and carries a nice solid weight.

Measurements: 13″ x 4.75" x 4.75"
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The ancient Stag-Horned God is a classic image of the masculine divine power on earth. Our statue is designed in the form of a herm, which in ancient times was a sacred object of stone. Over the course of time the sacred herm stone gradually evolved into the form of a god or goddess. This herm of the stag-horned god captures his rustic character and honors the ancestor connection to this ancient pagan god-form. The base of the stag-horned god statue features the words “I evoke the bright blessed day.” This denotes the solar nature of the god, which is at the core of many masculine deities of pre-Christian European paganism. This primal and rooted nature makes our statue the perfect choice to use as a representation of your venerated god or personal patron.
The horned-god concept is featured prominently in pagan religion. Such deities are linked to nature religion themes as well as to Chthonic or Underworld natures. The power of the stag transfers a warrior nature to the stag-horned god, and as such is a powerful primal image to convey with our unique statue. The Horned God is known to many cultures by many names including: Cernunnos, Herne, Pashupati, Pan, Puck, Pachacamac, Lord of the Winter, Hu Gadarn, and Belatucadros and many others.

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