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Hops Flowers, Whole (Humulus Lupulus)


Known worldwide as one of the chief ingredients in the brewing of beer, Hops (Humulus Lupulus) is grown throughout the world primarily to sate the thirst of beer-lovers everywhere. Hops was first known to be used within the creation of beer around the 11th century, but prior to this it was a popular addition to the alcoholic beverage Ale, which was favored by Saxon and Danish cultures. It was also a popular medicinal herb prior to the surge in its use in creating beer, with many herbalists of past ages using it to treat a variety of disorders, primarily as a sedative. Within this it was also frequently decried as an herb that could inspire depression and melancholy, and was said by some to shorten the life as an additive to beer and other drinks. Herbalists today still recognize that hops can be used as a sedative. Just as old the "flower" is sometimes dried and crushed and used to help create a tea for this purpose. Old herbals also speak of it being a fantastic sleep aid when used as such, that is also of use in treating nervousness, delirium, and, interestingly, inflammation. As a diuretic it is also sometimes used in treating bladder problems and disorders.

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