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Hope Boxed Ritual Kit


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Sometimes, when the chips are down, it is difficult to see how things can get any better. But in these circumstances all you have to do is look within and discover the possibilities that you have not yet seen, and the hope that exists when things are at their darkest. The Hope boxed ritual kit has been specifically crafted to aid you in finding hope in your moments of despair. The kit comes with all of the materials you`ll need and easy-to-follow instruction, including: A Blessed Life amulet, which combines the Ankh, a symbol of the eternal power of life and symbolism depicting the gifts life offer us to help you find the blessings that life offers and bring them into your life. An AzureGreen Hope Runic Ritual Candle, which has been ritually charged and inscribed with runes to bring a hopeful energy into your life and your magic. A 3/4 oz packet of Empowerment spell mix; an herbal spell mix from AzureGreen which has been created to provide you with the energy and motivation that encourage you to act upon the hope that you find and climb up out of the dark times that plague you. A blue velveteen bag used within the ritual, representing the healing and peace that your ritual will bring you. Charcoal, used in burning your herbal spell mix during your ritual. A 3/4 oz packet of AzureGreen Purification spell mix; an herbal spell mix created specifically to help ritually purify yourself so that your ritual can function to its fullest power, without negative, outside influences. A small cotton bag to keep your Purification spell mix gathered, and mess-free when you use it. And instructions specifically created to help beginners and experienced practitioners alike through their ritual, no matter which path or tradition of magic they come from. Note: This ritual kit is not an alternative to medical attention, and is intended to provide additional aid to those who seek spiritual healing.

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