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This listing is for one 2x3 inch resealable bag each of some Hoodoo essentials that you should always keep around so that you have them at hand and ready whenever you might need them.

This Kit Includes:
  • Graveyard Dirt, ritually gathered with respect from an ancestral grave. (a practitioner of magick)
  • Dirt from a 4 Way Crossroads, ritually gathered with respect on a Monday at 3 pm, with gifts left for Papa Legba, the Guardian of the Crossroads.
  • Goofer Dust. Hand crafted according to the traditional Hoodoo recipes and formulas.
  • Hotfoot Powder. Triple strength, for causing a person to want to get away. Used for breaking up couples, and keeping away unwanted visitors or neighbors or causing them to want to get away.
  • Red Brick Dust. For protection against negative energies, curses or spells cast against you, and to keep away anyone who would mean you harm.
  • Blessed Salts. For cleansing and purification of yourself and your home.

Priced to save you money. I sell each of these items individually in my shop, but buying them all together saves you $6.

These products (and their recipe/formula) in this listing and all of the content herein including artwork on label is © Sherry Scott, including written material and photos and are the physical and intellectual property of Sherry Scott.
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