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This listing is for a stunning handmade silver tone bracelet loaded with charms and beads. It has been created to honor and attune with the Goddess. Wear it at rituals, when performing your spell work and divination for protection, when seeking Hecate's guidance and to bring about wisdom and intuition. Wear it especially when performing dark, defensive and/or banishing magick for protection. This is an ideal piece to wear at funerals or when mourning to bring you peace and comfort. Wear it during esbat moon rituals and when honoring the Goddess on Her festive days, January 8, May 3, August 13, October 31, November 16 and December 31. 

The bracelet and charms are silver tone. It has a lobster claw closure and measures approximately 8 1/4 inches long. This bracelet will be consecrated and ritually blessed before shipping out to you.
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