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High John Oil Attracts Luck, Success, Strength, Money and Prosperity


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This oil blend includes a small piece of High John Root inside. It also has fine grind High John Root which I grind myself. 

High John is used to conquer and master any situation or problems that you may have. It helps overcome obstacles and achieve goals. It is well known for it's alleged power in justice and legal matters and excellent for money attraction and to ensure all kinds of great success and love into your life. High John is especially lucky when gambling. Use it for protection against negative energies and to break and reverse hexes, curses, fixes, jinxes and crossing conditions. It can also be used for trickery to get out of a situation. The oil can be used on its own or mixed with other blends.

Dress candles, anoint charms, sprinkle in/on mojo bags, sprinkle or rub on your cash register, add to floor washes and in bath salt mixtures. Rub on yourself before performing your rituals and spells to enhance, empower and strengthen your magickal work. Rub on your hands when going gambling and/or playing game of chances such as the lottery to draw good luck. Rub on yourself before attending business transactions, court or before going on an interview.

Size: 1/2 oz. Bottle: $12.95

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