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Hibiscus Flower, Whole (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)


Also found under the names of Rosemallow and Flor De Jamaica, Hibiscus is actually the genus name for Flowers that are well known for their showy blossoms that are often found as part of shrubs in gardens around the world. Beyond this cosmetic use, Hibiscus flowers can also be found put to use in a great many ways globally, ranging from use as a vegetable in culinary dishes to paper making. In Mexico, it is often found in a drink called Agua de Flor De Jamaica, which is popular for its color and flavor (which is said to be similar to cranberry juice), as well as for the actual consumption of the dried flowers, which are held as a delicacy. Elsewhere it is frequently used as an herbal tea which is held to be relaxing. In spiritual practices throughout the world Hibiscus flowers are associated with love and are said to be quite potent an aphrodisiac, as well as being useful in spells and rituals to attract love and lust. In some traditions it is also held to be a potent aid in divination and dream magic, particularly where you are seeking love. Modern medicine has also turned an eye upon the flower, conducting a study in 2008 that showed that the traditional hibiscus flower tea can be quite helpful in lowering blood pressure in pre-hypertensive and mildly hypertensive patients. In this way it can be quite good at soothing nerves. It has also been suggested that the tea can be used as an antispasmodic as well, though further study needs to be conducted.

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