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Perhaps most commonly known for his appearance in Shakespeare's play The Merry Wives of Windsor, Herne the Hunter is a popular figure of English lore. It was even suggested in later works of fiction, that he had been a huntsman of King Richard, who had saved the King`s life from a stag and paid with his own. With detailed accounts appearing both in Shakespeare`s play and throughout other novels, Herne has become associated with the European legends of the Wild Hunt, where he is often joined by the likes of Arawn the Welsh God of the dead, Charlemagne, Frederick the Great, King Arthur, the Saxon god Woden, Sir Francis Drake, and even such figures as Father Christmas and the Devil. Though exact details often vary with the telling, the story is universal in that the Wild Hunt is announced at night with a blast of a horn and the baying of hounds, before the huntsman comes in search of souls to carry away. These mingled legends have resulted in Herne often appearing as a horned man, as wild as nature itself and garbed for the hunt. This statue captures the image of a wild man, showing him garbed only in leaves which hide his nudity, and a quiver of arrows that is strung across his back. Standing 10 1/2" tall, the figure has been sculpted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to appear to be a sculpture of bronze or copper. This is further accented by the copper wire with which his bow has been strung. Place it in your home in celebration of the Wild Hunt, and in honor of Herne the Hunter to ward off his coming.

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