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Hera is the queen and sister to Zeus, making her one of the more prominent Goddesses of the entire Greek Pantheon, often appearing within Greek Legends and myths. Known primarily as a goddess of women and marriage, she was known frequently to lash out at her adulterous husband, and was quite jealous and vengeful. She was also quite known for taking vengeance on the slights of mortals who offended her. Hera is also one of the eldest Gods of the Greek pantheon, appearing in Homeric legend as the eldest of Cronus`s daughters, and she is even believed to predate most Greek folklore, appearing to have been an adaptation of a more primal, Minoan mother Goddess. Her motherly protection and womanly wrath are thusly well founded in history, marking her as one of the most ancient Goddess of hearth, family, and women. This statue, crafted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to appear to be bronze, has been carefully detailed to portray Hera with these traits. With an almost youthful demeanor, her motherly wisdom is portrayed in the lines of her face, while her body portrays sinewy vigor and self-assured authority. Wrapped in gossamer robes, she seems to be striding beside the beautifully plumed peacock, which is one of her chief symbols from the legends of ancient Greece. Perfect for your altar, or as a decoration in your home, the entire statue measures approximately 9 1/2" tall and 7" wide.

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