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Help With Grief, Gemstone Infused Oil, a BWS Exclusive Original Formula


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This listing is for a .25 ounce glass vial with screwtop lid, of Help With Grief Gemstone Infused Oil.

Have you or someone you know recently lost a loved one? It can be one of the hardest things we have to deal with in life, and grief is a very personal process and is different for every individual. And it may take a long time. But take comfort in knowing that your loved one is not gone, just merely passed to a spiritual realm, but is still with you in a different but very real way.

Those of us left behind may feel a jumble of mixed emotions, though: anger, guilt, doubt, despair. I know, I've lost both of my parents within the past couple of years. But I believe I will know them again in the next life.

I've blended this formula with fine herbs, oils, and gemstones having the metaphysical properties perfectly suited for my intent with this oil. It contains such ingredients as: Elder, aloe, balm of gilead buds, cypress, willow, snowdrop, and many other fine ingredients.

Metaphysical properties and uses of this formula include:
*bringing comfort during bereavement
*assurance that our loved one is protected during transport to the Otherworld
*bringing peace of mind, support, security, knowing one's place in the order of things
*to feel uplifted at a funeral and see death as a doorway.
*Screening out the negative vibration of other mourners
*Healing, love, easing grief at a funeral
*Promote peaceful energy, easing loneliness.

This oil is also infused with crushed gemstones and/or gemstone chips, including: Apatite, black onyx, Obsidian (known as apache tears-seems to shed tears for us, easing our own grief), and malachite.

My oils are blended with certified organic Grapeseed Oil imported from France. I also add Vitamin E oil as a preservative, so your oil will last.

Suggested uses for this oil include: Anointing of poppets, mojo bags, or personal items. Dressing candles, using in an oil burner or diffuser, anointing petitions and spell or ritual papers, or anointing gemstones. The possibilities are many, and entirely up to you. You may also consider anointing a gift for the person intended with this oil, or a personal item they have with them most of the time. Please use caution if you're planning on using this oil in a manner that will come in contact with skin.

My oils are created with love and the best of intentions. Blessed be.

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