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Heimdall Statue


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Possessing keen eyes, keen ears, and the gift of foresight, Heimdall is the Norse God who was charged with guarding the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, which offers the only passage from Midgard into the realm of Asgard. There, Heimdall also kept watch for the coming of Ragnarok, or the end of the world, upon which he would blow his great horn Gjallarhorn, whose note would alert the Gods to the end of times, where he and Loki were fated to slay each other. Here Heimdall is shown with the great horn Gjallarhorn raised to his lips, blowing the note that will announce the coming of Ragnarok. Armored as a Viking warrior and standing upon the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, which also coils around him, he is shown hefting a great axe, and standing ready to protect the bridge from the world of men to the world of the gods with all of the ferocity for which the Norse gods are known. Standing 10" tall and 6" wide, the statue of Heimdall has been sculpted of cold cast resin and hand painted so as to lend the impression that it has been sculpted of copper or bronze. Place it on your altar or within your home to seek the wisdom of Heimdall or his vigilance.

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