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Handmade Wand-Shed Antler Tine w/Laser Quartz Point III


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Such a beautiful & unique handmade wand by Grey Bear. Made with skill & precision, Grey Bear offers hand crafted items that are both appealing to the eye and extremely unique. These particular wands are perfect for clearing space, and aiding in suppressing negativity and expelling it from a specific or certain area. Perfect for a new home, a travel altar or for daily ritual use. Your intent will surely be assisted with the help of this wand. A fantastic addition to any ritual tool collection.

Laser Wands (Quartz)~came from the healing temples of Lemuria. They often have markings on the outside which are records of their healing experiences. It is possible to use meditation as a tool to acquire this knowledge. Laser Wands can clear an entire physical area of negativity, provide protection for the physical body, and direct healing energy to others or yourself. They should be used in the manner you would use any Wand--point the tip at the "object" you wish to get energy to with your hand of preference.

All animal parts used are not from hunted animals, they are from either shed Antlers or from animals that have died from natural reasons. All Bones are from the Great Smokey Mountains specifically from the Cherokee Reservation.

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