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Handmade Reading Boards


These handmade reading boards (also known as spirit boards, talking boards or Ouija boards), are beautifully crafted precision and care. These boards are all hand cut, hand carved and engraved wood. The different types of wood varies from Oak, Pine, Maple, Campfer and many other due to most of my products are made from scrap wood I have or get from woods, construction and or lumber sites. You can choose from a pentacle or ankh engraved centers.

The Triple Moon boards are approximately. 19.5" in Width and approximately 8" Tall.
The God/Goddess boards are approximately  8" in Width and approximately 16" Tall.
These boards DO NOT come with any type of reading device.

There are many uses to be had for these beautiful reading boards. Some people use them with a "planchet." A Planchet is a device that is used to point to a word or letter on the board. While the person or people hold the planchet together at the same time, the planchet is then moved by the spirit and points to each letter or word, to help answer questions. . . Some people use them with pendulums. Simply ask the question you would like to have an answer to, hold your pendulum above the reading board very still, and the pendulum will then move to different letters and words to help answer your questions. A great tool for divination and finding answer to important questions via a different method of divination.

You may request any color or other engraving you may like. I will respond with in 2 business days to verify if I will be able to accommodate your custom request. Most request are able to be done so please don't hesitate to ask.

Eclectic Artisans recommends you either cast circle, create sacred space or do a small protection ritual prior to the use of any type of divinatory methods.
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