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Handmade 9 Inch Mahagany Wood Scourge With 16 inch Purple Tassles


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The scourge, a somewhat old and yet misunderstood ritual tool. Primarily used for initiation rites, protection rites & banishing spirits, the scourge has many purposes. In some covens, the high priest or priestess may use a scourge to softly flagellate a petitioners back whilst in a trance, to help induce astral projection, or out of body experience. Some associate the scourge with the element of fire. Some also use the scourge in sex magic to bring about further intimacy.

This Scourge is hand turned and then finished with the only FDA Approved food grade finish (also known as salad bowl finish), that is washable with soft cloth and water. 16” inch Purple Leather is used used for tassels.

Properties Of Wood:
Mahogany is an interesting wood mainly because, while most woods have a variety of differing uses, this one is very specialized. This wood is very focused on fertility, growing. It has a very powerful bond with the Earth, and will channel Earth energy better than any other. Secondary to fertility, this wood has other uses as well. Enhancing intuition, strengthening bonds with blood relatives (especially the mother/son relationship), and exploring and clarifying goals are all possible uses for Mahogany. This wood would not be good for divination. Spiritual growth and guidance are Mahogany's primary properties. It is an excellent wood for emotional and spiritual healing.

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