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Handmade 9 Inch Black Walnut Scourge With 18 inch Royal Blue Tassles


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The scourge, a somewhat old and yet misunderstood ritual tool. Primarily used for initiation rites, protection rites & banishing spirits, the scourge has many purposes. In some covens, the high priest or priestess may use a scourge to softly flagellate a petitioners back whilst in a trance, to help induce astral projection, or out of body experience. Some associate the scourge with the element of fire. Some also use the scourge in sex magic to bring about further intimacy.

This Scourge is hand turned and then finished with the only FDA Approved food grade finish available (known as salad bowl finish), that is washable with a soft cloth and water. 18” inch Royal Blue Leather is used used for tassels, handle is 9 inches.

Properties Of Walnut:
Walnut teaches us clarity and focus, using our mental gifts wisely and how to best use our intelligence. Walnut partakes of Elemental Air and Fire. It is perhaps the consummate wood for weather magick. The shape of the walnut nut connects it magically to the head, and so to the crown chakra. Its color is turquoise blue, its stones turquoise, blue topaz, and sardonyx.

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