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Hand Turned Red Cedar Wand w/Tibetan Quartz Point


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This beautifully handmade & handcrafted wand was created by Grey Bear. By hand turning the Red Cedar Wood, (an extremely rare wood by its self), Grey Bear is able to delicately create and enhance the design of the wand. Adorned with a beautiful Tibetan Quartz Point, this wand will be sure to assist with your intent with ease.

***Red Cedar Wood is very rare, to the point of endangerment. the wood used to create this wand was created from a red cedar wood tree that had fallen from a hurricane. All items created by Grey Bear are made with the utmost purest regards.

Red Cedar Properties:
Draws off the element of sun and fire. Used for influence and purification. Strengthens psychic power and is often a tool for healing. Seeks a white magic companion. Excellent for protection

Tibetan Quartz: is helpful in healing practices to draw energy to a specific area of the body or chakra. By first using a Tibetan Quartz in meditation and attuning yourself to this ancient wisdom it will assist you with accessing the Akashic Records. Tibetan Quartz is also used to access ancient wisdom of cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the user. Tibetan Quartz helps one to get to the point of a situation so it can be healed. It brings a spiritual connection to those drawn to using it to the surface. It helps one understand reasons past life connections are related to present life disease or karmic lessons.

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