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Hand Made Solid Bronze Cernunnos Statue


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Is he dancing, standing, posing, or doing something more? This heirloom quality figure of the Celtic Horned God Cernunnos is made of solid hot cast bronze (not cold cast resin) which is personally hand sculpted and finished by the artist to ensure years of beauty and ritual use for generations to come.  Standing upon one leg on a sculpted base, he raises his arms up in ecstasy as he holds a torc in one hand and a horned serpent in the other. His antlers arc up from his head mirroring his arms creating an elegant profile, one which is sure to instill your home, office, or altar with his spirit, influence and presence.  Much of this modern rendition has been directly inspired by ancient depictions, however this artistically crafted sculpture reveals an additional piece of symbolism. Upright we see Cernunnos in a position where he could be standing or in the midst of dancing, though when we turn him over we see the common position associated with the Hanged Man card from the tarot. The Horned God, The Lord of the Hunt, The Lord of Life, Growth, and Fertility is also the Lord of Death, Redemption, and Sacrifice which is wonderfully incorporated into this piece by the artist. At 7 inches tall he is sure to infuse your home, office, or altar with his influence and presence. *Candles, tools, and other statuary depicted in some of the images are not included in this offer. You can find the matching pentacle altar paten here.

• Cernunnos stands at 7 inches tall

Purchase both The Goddess and Cernunnos statuary as a set and get a discounted price, click here.

In order to further accommodate our customers, the artist, Chris Orapello, is now making statuary to order. This gives him the flexibility to supply our customers on an as needed basis. Once your order is placed and IF a finished piece isn't readily available, the artist will begin working on fulfilling your order. Please allow up to 5 weeks for your item to be created and shipped to you.

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