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Hand Crafted Elder Futhark Runes By: Project Fey


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This is a 25 piece set of handcrafted oak runes made by Project Fey that is specifically created for divination and magic.  Each rune is roughly one inch in diameter.  This deluxe set includes the main 24 runes and also one blank rune for casters who choose to use it.  The blank rune, and its controversy and use, are further explained in the provided booklet.  

As part of the deluxe set, you will also receive a beautiful rune bag and a six page booklet that explains the history of runic divination, how to prepare for casting, multiple ways to 'draw the runes' and  a rune chart with each of the runes meanings and instructions on how to interpret the cast runes.  

This exclusive Project Fey Deluxe Oak Rune set is made from solid free fallen wood that is cut from the same branch to ensure continuity. The branches are tempered by the elements of earth, air, fire and water and the whole set is cleansed and charged before shipping.  Only natural linseed oil is used to cure the runes - no varnish or unnatural substances.

The deluxe rune sets have masterful, large stroke rune engraving, making them easy to read and interpret.  

This is the Deluxe Elder Futhark alphabet rune set.  The Elder Futhark is the first known runic alphabet ever to be used and is still the most commonly used runic alphabet today.  The magic of the oak is well placed in Celtic, Druidic, Wiccan, Nordic and many other pagan traditions.

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